Spring Cleaning: Make Money from Your Devices

Ted Jenkin
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There is a small, green wicker basket that sits in one of our drawers at home.  It doesn’t really do anything, except store cords, chargers and old phones.   This basket has become a bit nostalgic. It houses a ten-year history of the evolution of the smartphone.  It’s funny to see my old Blackberry, which seemed so modern ten years ago.  Now it looks ancient.  However, spring’s just the time to dust off that old Blackberry and give it new life. Here’s how you can make some cash on your old cell phones:


With Gazelle, it is extremely fast, painless and easy to sell your old cell phone. You will simply answer a few questions about your device and Gazelle will let you know how much it’s worth to them.  They will send you a shipping box, and will even pay the shipping charge.  Be forewarned, Gazelle will inspect the phone upon receipt and may modify their offer based on its condition.  You can get paid either by check, PayPal or by an Amazon gift card.  Gazelle


Think about EcoATM using the ATM process that you have come to grow and love over the years.  They use a simple, three-step process to get you cash back on your cell phones.  The first thing you do is place your device into one of the EcoATM stations.  The EcoATM machine will then examine your device and search their network of buyers to find you the best possible offer.  The condition and your model will affect your phone’s overall value.  Then, if you agree, EcoATM machine will sell your device and give you cash on the spot.  EcoATM


With IreTron, you will type in your device’s brand or model number into the search bar on its homepage.  If they don’t display your product you can contact them for a personal quote.  You will also let them know about any accessories that you will be including in the transaction, and they will deliver you an instant quote.  If you accept the quote, you will add the item to the selling list.   Then, you will simply register with them and proceed to checkout to finalize your package.  They will email you a prepaid shipping label as long as what you are sending them has value.  If everything matches from your submission, then you’ll get paid.  IreTron

In addition to these three, many of the major vendors have trade-in programs, including Verizon, Best Buy, Amazon and Apple. The point is to make those old devices work for you one last time.   While you are doing your spring cleaning this year, maybe it’s time to make a call to one of the websites above, and pick up some summer cash.

Ted Jenkin is the CEO of oXYGen Financial, a financial advisory firm managing more than six hundred million dollars.  He is focused on being your financial advisor and your financial therapist. He is a frequent guest writer for the Wall Street Journal and personal finance expert for CNN’s “Headline News Weekend Express” and The Weather Channel.

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