Sculptor Adds a ‘Karmic’ Touch
to Distinctive Stone Art

Bari Faye Siegel
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Whether you are decorating your favorite room in the house, updating your kitchen or designing an outdoor space, you should be surrounded with things that inspire you and reflect who you are — colors that enliven you, images and artifacts that make your heart sing.

An architect by trade, sculptor Janis M. Blayne Paul decided a few years back to channel her artistic talents on creating socially relevant, meaningful art that tells a story and stirs emotion. Her hand-carved stones bring to life for the recipient all that’s positive and evoke good memories.

Sculptor Janis M. Blayne Paul

“A karmic stone is beautifully and lovingly hand-carved with an image that represents whatever is important to you,” Paul explained. “It can be a design, a symbol, a word — anything that resonates with your values, dreams, desires and intentions.”

In the case of a puja, a meditative alter, karmic stones take their rightful place among poems and photos. “My stones are meant to support your goals, to help you manifest and achieve your intentions. Whatever brightens your spirits can be carved in stone.”

Interestingly enough, the dichotomy between both the rigidness and fragility of stone looms large in her work. Paul chose stone as her medium because it represents a state of permanence, which can be comforting amid change. At the same time, the intention is fleeting; drop it and it shatters.

Paul’s karmic stones come in various sizes at customer request and the artist enjoys working with clients to carve their visions into reality. Prices vary in accordance with type and size of stone and complexity of design. Current collections include: mind body spirit carvings, athletics, animals, birds/nature/flowers, occasion stones, Judaica and other religious symbols, Celtic, logos, one-a-kind-designs and an art gallery with signed limited edition works.

This distinctive stone art is uniquely personal and is an extraordinary way to make any space meaningful. karmic stones’ portfolio of work includes:

Commitment and wedding stones are gorgeous personalized works of art that solidify a forever bond. A perfect gift for that special couple, or yourselves!

Healing stones channel positive energy, good karma and healing. These stones are the perfect adornment to your puja. Paul performs reiki on each stone before carving!

Intention stones help keep what is important front of mind. For your puja, a karmic stone allows you to set an intention and meditate on it.

Decor: karmic stones are a perfect way to set a mood and make a subconscious feng shui statement.

Functional art: Perfect for decorating any space, karmic stones can be incorporated into a walkway, a kitchen backsplash, a fireplace – anyplace you want to make come alive with purpose.

Visit karmic stone to see more carvings. or connect directly with Janis M. Blayne Paul.

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