Top Ten World Pride Events 2017!

Tom Bourdon
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In 2017, Washington, DC’s Capital Pride (June 10) is sure to be HUGE as it’s taking place the very same weekend as the Equality March for Unity and Pride (June 11).  Many are predicting that so many supportive people will show up to DC for Pride weekend, the LGBTQ march might be as big as the DC Women’s March that took place this past January! (See Highlights on Prowdr.)

Even with that being the case, we still wanted to highlight other Pride events that you’ll either want to check out this year or add to your bucket list for the future!  Here is Prowdr’s  “Top Ten” list of must-attend Pride events around the world.


Pride goes beyond the scope this year with events starting June 16 and lasting through June 25.  Why wait? Start now.  Get involved and sign up to volunteer.   Volunteering is open to everyone and knows no sexual orientation or gender!  Tickets are selling out for many events, so click on the link above and rally, New Yorkers!


Celebrating coast to coast, the West Coast is celebrating diversity June 24–25.  Get your tickets now and if you can’t attend, you can donate.


Look up to the north.  Toronto is celebrating their Pride Festival on guess what? The same weekend, June 24–25.  


Then head across the pond to Spain.  Madrid kicks off their World Pride opening ceremony on June 23 and concludes with their closing ceremony July 2.   “The central event at World Pride Madrid 2017 is the Pride Parade, a huge global manifestation of LGTBQ pride, where over 3 million people and associations from all around the world will parade through the city’s main streets in an act of celebration and reclaiming of diversity and equal rights.”


“This is his, her, your, our, my Pride” takes place in Amsterdam from July 29 through August 6 with the Canal Parade happening on August 5.

6.   LA! PRIDE

It is happening now.  Starting June 5–11 with the festival taking place the weekend of June 10–11.   If you’re still waiting for the lineup, you can follow them on Facebook to get the latest update FB/LA PRIDE.


Events for Chicago Pride have already begun, so check out the link and jump in.  Don’t miss Chicago’s Pride Festival June 17–18 and the Pride Parade happens June 25.   


Plan your Pride in London with The Pride Festival taking place from June 24  to July 9.  The parade and main events on Saturday, July 8.


Berlin Pride consists of two parts: the actual Pride March and a big final rally, both happening on Saturday, July 22.  Das ist gut!


This year’s parade theme is “Bisexuality,” celebrating and calling for more acceptance of the “B” in the LGBTQ community.  On June 9, the annual event will start at 10 ᴀ.ᴍ., in a large fair in Me’ir Park (Gan Me’ir) and then take you along the beautiful streets of Tel Aviv toward the city’s Charles Clore Beach where the famous beach party will be held. More details HERE.

Dr. Tom Bourdon is the senior vice president of LGBT partnerships for as well as an organizational leader who has served at the helm of multiple social justice, LGBTQ and education-focused organizations. Bourdon’s career has focused on LGBTQ as well as broader diversity and inclusion issues. He is now an independent consultant, trainer and coach helping individuals and companies grow and thrive in these two areas. He is married to his partner of nineteen years, and they are the proud fathers of two children.

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