Mike Ruiz Wears His Heart On His Sleeve

Brook Altman
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At Prowdr we’ve secretly been dancing behind the lens for several months during the making of the “Heart Throbs and Hounds” – 2018 calendar.  More importantly we got to spend time with people who have a significant standing in the LGBTQ community and are doing important things outside their own agenda.  

I met Mike Ruiz a while back.  Famous icon fashion and celebrity photographer known for bringing the fantastical to life and breaking boundaries at the core, but it was Mike’s heart that kept me intrigued.  He’s a human with such grace, elegance and compassion.  He’s a humanitarian at heart and devotes his free time to bettering the world working for dozens of important causes.  He has been an advocate for Bullies and Buddies in L.A. a Pit Bull rescue organization where he rescued his BFF, Oliver, who he couldn’t imagine life without.

Since Mike got involved in Animal rescue he decided to offer his expertise by creating a calendar to raise money for his cause.  This is where fashion meets philanthropy Mike Ruiz Style.  Last year’s Pecs and Pups – 2017 calendar and his Hunks and Hounds calendar in 2015 and 2016 were huge hits garnering international media attention and raising tens of thousands of dollars for animal rescue.  This year he’s benefiting animal rescue funds Fur Friends in Need  and Lilos Promise.

The unveiling of the new calendar just launched with a big splash!   Here is a peak at the behind the scenes of HEART THROBS AND HOUNDS – 2018 calendar, SHOWING OUR TRUE COLORS FOR ANIMAL RESCUE.

While Mike spends most of his time shooting and designing high-impact photos and videos for discerning brands; L’Oreal, Shick, Dark and Lovely and Garnier along with a host of A-list celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Betty White, Katy Perry, and Nicki Minaj to name a few.  His work has been featured by editors at Elle, Vanity Fair, L’Officiel , Paper, Flaunt, Interview, Brazilian Vogue, Prestige and many more.  To see more of Mike Ruiz’s work click HERE.

Mike is a power of example for those who have a voice to make a difference in the world and for Mike, adopting a pup is the most humane thing you could do.

To purchase the new “Heart Throbs and Hounds” 2018 Calendar click Here.

Feature photography by Virgil Ocampo Photography

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