Get Your Mojo Back Parents!

Patricia Moreno
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Becoming a mom is having someone make you be the CEO of a company that you didn’t even know you had to be.” It’s a big job that nobody prepares you for.

Help I feel like I am failing.  I want to do it all, be it all and get the award for the best mom in the world and it is driving me crazy.  I also have a business to get off the ground, a wife I want to make sure feels loved and supported and I want to stay fit and healthy for myself and it is making me crazy. I work from home and I want to give my girls full attention from when I pick them up from school until bedtime and then I want some alone time with my wife and my attention is elsewhere…and it’s making me crazy.  Then I can get back on my computer from 10pm-3am, so I can have uninterrupted time to write, create or work on my marketing plan and I’m tired.  Sound familiar?  This was my schedule for way too long and there are still some days that I pull all nighters (like a college student preparing for an exam) however, I realized trying to be it all and have it all left me with nothing to give to the people I was trying to have it all and give it all too.

What I do is come up with practices for people who want create and live a fulfilled life by combining meditation, spiritual study, self-reflection and exercise.  I clearly needed a little personal coaching myself.  I decided to get reconnected to my values.  Why am I doing all of these things?  What is it that really matters to me on a soulful level?  What are my real priorities and how can I get myself back in alignment so I am not wasting fuel, running on empty and showing up as an empty shell to my nearest and dearest?

If this is you, get out your pen and paper out and let’s get clear on some things.  Identify your core values and what matters most.  My core values are family, respect, health, love and leadership.  I wasn’t respecting myself or others, I was short tempered, unengaged and certainly not living a healthy lifestyle.  I wasn’t adhering to my workout schedule, I was eating sugary snacks to be able to stay up late, drinking way too much coffee so I could stay up and feeling frustrated that I was not getting enough done fast enough.

When we are more connected to our values then our to do list will help us make better decisions.  I know that living a fulfilled life is not about how much success we have in business.  Since leadership is a strong value for me, I need to find ways to express myself better and live in alignment with this value.  In other words, my values and my actions need to be aligned.  How?  Say “NO” more often.  If it is not a “Hell Yes”, it is a “No”.  Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed I know I have strayed from the practices that keep me most grounded.

These are the MUST DO’s, rather than how-to’s, if you really want to get your mojo back.  When we follow these rules, we feel good about ourselves, our choices and can be present and prowdr of our life more each day.

  1. Design your day to make sure you living according to your values.
  2. Morning meditation, visualization and intention setting.  If you don’t meditate (YET!) just sit quietly, close your eyes and imagine your goals and intentions for the day and foresee the outcome. This way you will begin your day with clarity and end your day with results you can measure.   
  3. Exercise is a must at least 6 days a week for at least 30 minutes.  Call upon your values when you begin the excuses in your head.
  4. Being engaged with my girls means no phone from end of school to bedtime.  
  5. Night time end of day wrap up with your loved one means snuggling, connecting and sharing about your day.
  6. Be clear on your business goals. If it is not a hell YES and in alignment with your values then it is a hell NO.

Videographer, Geoff Ryan Shot for the Lord & Taylor Mother’s Day Campaign

Becoming a mom is having someone make you be the CEO of a company that you didn’t even know you had to be.”  It’s a big job that nobody prepares you for.

I love having a full plate but I know that if I don’t continually train my mind, heart and body and keep myself tuned into my values I will do, say, eat and pay for things I will regret and nothing kills your mojo like guilt and regret.  Take care of  yourself because if you are happy, your kids will be happy, too. There is no greater gift you can give your kids then living a fulfilled life and modeling the behavior and the values you want for you children.

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