Become an Ally in 2018

Ariel Gordon
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2017 was a challenging year in the fight for LGBTQ equality.  We watched as state legislatures attempted to pass anti-LGBTQ legislation; as our federal government attempted to ban transgender troops from our armed forces; and as the voices of those who attempted to speak out were diminished. There’s no question that 2018 will be a defining moment as we join together to stand up and speak out for LGBTQ equality.  At PROWDR, we believe there’s a way for everyone to get involved, and today we profile one organization who’s helping mobilize supporters and advocates from the athletic community to champion LGBTQ equality!  That organization is Athlete Ally.

When Hudson Taylor, a three-time All-American wrestler and wrestling coach witnessed homophobic language and demeaning humor within his own sports community, he jumped into action, becoming an LGBTQ human rights activist and launched Athlete Ally.  Hudson and his team of elite athletes want to teach athletes, coaches, and the world how to make gains in their brains, enhancing awareness and solidarity with and within the LGBTQ community.  Hudson is known for the attention he drew after wearing a LGBTQ equality sticker on his headgear, but he didn’t stop there. Athlete Ally is committed to wrestling homophobia and transphobia until it taps out!

The trouble with being an ally is, not everyone knows how to be an ally.  Don’t worry, though, it won’t take much time out of your day to become the best ally you can be! 

Here are some easy tips toward being an Ally:

  1. Use your social media and internet skills to learn about the community that interests you.  Who they are, what they need from you, and why they’re awesome!
  1. Make an inspirational sign, get on your superhero boots, and disrupt the system at a protest!  While you’re busy adulting, don’t forget to register to vote; it matters!
  1. Donate to the cause.  We all love treating ourselves, but if you donate to a meaningful cause, the world will be better for everyone.
  1. Become pen-pals with a grumpy politician by writing a letter to your state senator or representative.  If you’re feeling really powerful, go right to the White House and tell President Trump how you really feel (keep the expletives to yourself, please!)
  1. You’re probably busy fighting FOMO, so get involved where it really matters and volunteer at a human’s rights organization. 
  1. This one’s obvious, become an Athlete Ally!  Join a beautiful team of athletes, icons in the world of sports and every day folks aiming to support and empower the LGBTQ community and beyond.  JOIN HERE.

If you’re not ready for these steps yet, all you have to do is talk to someone! Everyone has different experiences and has something to share. Try to listen to this person with an open mind and open heart, this will strengthen your ally muscles in no time!

Ariel Gordon received her M.A. in Psychoanalysis in NYC and now works at Prowdr. She writes about veganism, travel, and animal rescue on her blog Sweet Tooth Travels. You can find her on Twitter at  @HappyTTherapy


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